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Monday, February 07, 2005

SuperBowl Sunday

So yes I was able to watch the game -- Thankfully--infact Mr. and Mrs. even had a superbowl smash. They invited nine of their friends, all of which were British, over to a feast of Fillet Mignon, Scalloped potatoes, Cesar Salad, and BBQ'd veggies with Flourless chocolate cake with fruit ontop for dessert. The funniest thing was that out of everyone I was the one with the most football knowledge and so I was explaining what everything meant and why certain plays were happening! It was too funny. That is the first time EVER in my life that I have been the football expert at a superbowl!! I am so happy that the Patriots won!!

Also yesterday being Sunday I went for my long run. I went a different route than normal and ended up on this trail. So I decided to get a little trail running in. Before I knew it I had stopped running and was now hiking through the jungle! It was great fun. It is crazy the random junk that I came across that must have been blow in from the hurricane. An oil drum, a single flipper, have full water bottle, what looked like a VERY tattered pair of boxers. Trees were uprooted and the sea wall which I was using as a guide so I wouldn't get lost was crumbling more often than not. It was really quite neat! Eventually I decided that if I were to keep going in the direction I was headed the only way to get back to where I started would be to swim so I turned around and headed back to the road to resume my run. And all of this without getting lost!

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